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What makes a relationship not only work, but last? It comes down to compatibility. At Couple Count, we match you based on compatibility values that are proven to lead you to the boyfriend or girlfriend who is the best match for you. A lasting, committed, genuine relationship is waiting for you.


What does this tool help me to analyze?
faq tool So, you meet this person on a blind date that your friends set you up on. Or maybe you have started seeing this girl you recently met at an event in your vicinity. Or maybe you have been dating this guy for a couple of months now. But what if you want to know whether or not your relationship with this person is developing or has already developed the attributes that a healthy companionship should have and whether they are the one you have been looking for all along? Then you turn to Couple Count.
Couple Count helps you to analyze and also realize where your relationship stands and whether or not it is a good idea to carry on with what you already have.

Why should I use to analyze and contemplate my romantic relationships?
Because it makes things easier for you. You probably already have plenty on your mind right now,faq think so thinking about the direction of your romantic relationships is made much simpler for you if you choose to utilize this tool to its full potential.

Often at times, it is quite difficult to understand whether or not a certain someone truly is the right match for you and what you stand for. You are probably at a point in your life when you do not have the time or the mind to sit down and weigh out why they would be the perfect companion or the reasons why your relationship with them will not end up flourishing. Neither is there any specific formula in your mind that you can use to calculate your compatibility.

Fortunately, we do have a formula and we will apply it to your situation for you; all you have to do is try out the tool, give it information, and it will show you what your preferred choice should be according to a tried and tested formula in terms of your romantic ventures.

What is a lasting relationship made of?
faq couple There are so many components that go into forming a relationship that survives through tough situations and comes out on top at the end of all hardships. This involves compassion, understanding, willingness to compromise and sacrifice, common interests, attraction, and thorough communication amongst several others. Without these elements, a relationship that is formed does not turn out to be as strong as one would will it to be. This is exactly why it is necessary that when you decide to search for yourself a life partner, you consider all your options and take numerous things into consideration.

What aspects of a relationship does this tool analyse?
Couple Count analyzes all the strength or effect of all the important constituents of a healthy bond between two people who are perfect for each other as mentioned above. It measures and uses the data you fill in regarding the amount of attraction, compassion and commonality you share amongst yourselves, and applies a well tested formula in order to produce a result that shows how certain these factors add up to form the overall compatibility between you and your partner. This can help you to realize whether or not that certain person is ‘the one’ for you.

Even if you do not care much about the compatibility score you receive, it often helps to view in written form what you think the position of your relationship with your special one is. It can sometimes be all the difference you need in order to identify your one true love or soulmate.

How does it do so?
faq compatible The Couple Count tool takes into consideration the importance and frequency of certain activities or feelings between you and your partner, and analyzes them using a mathematical formula to generate the percentage of like-mindedness or compatibility you have with them. It essentially helps you to determine the importance of a few particular aspects of your relationship with that person and analyze how frequently or well that constituent is given the value you would like it to.

What exactly does calculate?
The Couple Count website actually calculates the ‘compatibility’ between you and your significant other. Compatibility is defined as ‘a state in which two things are able to exist or occur together without problems or conflict.’ Ultimately, what the tool does for you, is that it predicts or estimates how like minded or ‘perfect’ you and your special one are for each other. It does not necessarily have to be a decision set in stone- it is simply a way for you to gain an idea, as the website can only consider so many aspects of your relationship.

Based on what parameters are the predetermined ten aspects selected?
There are ten parameters that have been predetermined for you to analyze and judge your special one, as well as your relationship, upon. These include,
 • Basic values
 • Complementing and admiration
 • Similitude or correspondence of interests
 • Compatible temperaments
 • Relation to each other
 • Thorough communication
 • Attraction to one another
 • Correspondence of age
 • Similarity of backgrounds
faq count These parameters have been chosen as they are the most basic or ground principles that go into forming any romantic or intimate relationship. Depending upon the completion or strength of each of these criterion, it can be determined whether or not your partner is truly the one who is supposed to be with you. Generally, the more positive each of these parameters are for you, the better your compatibility with your special one will come out to be.

How do I use this tool?
The first step would be to fill in the first empty space present at the top of the table. Here, you must put in the name of the person that you wish to test your relationship stability or compatibility with. If you wish to keep this information private, you may name the person something discreet and different, as the name does not participate in the actual formulating process.

The next step is to read the predetermined points and fill in the rest of the columns that line beside it, two row of ten. In the first row, you will mention how truthfully a certain situation applies to you. For the second row, you will determine how important each of these factors are when you actually form a relationship with that potential partner.

After you are done numbering, you may press the box that says ‘CHECK’ at the bottom of the table, and so your compatibility percentage with your special one will have been generated. This shows how well both your minds get along.

How do I determine how true a certain point is in my relationship?
faq select The truthfulness of a certain point will be determined by considering how much the situation applies to you. You may allocate a number from 0 to 10 as maximum. Numbers closer to 10 will be used in the case that the situation applies to or impacts your life quite greatly. Numbers closer to 0 indicate that the point is not true for you and your partner’s situation at all.

How do I determine how important a certain point is in my relationship?
You may determine this in a similar fashion to the previous one. The importance is decided upon by analyzing how big of an impact the certain aspect of your relationship has on your overall behaviour towards each other. A scale of 10 is used, with numbers closer to 10 indicating utmost importance, and numbers closer to 0 telling the inertness of the point in the development of your relationship.

What if I wish to start over again?
If you think you made a mistake while allocating points to each of the components, and wish to correct your mistake, you can simply go back, click on the column you want to edit, and select the value you actually intended to mention.

faq instruction

In the case that you wish to start again from scratch and have a blank slate to formulate a new thought upon, then you may simply click on the ‘RESET’ button, and the spaces will automatically empty themselves for you to begin once more. The ‘RESET’ button is located right beneath the compatibility values and their allocated scores in the bottom right hand corner.

Can I print my results? If yes, then how so?
Yes, you can print your results. After you have clicked on ‘CHECK’ and have generated your compatibility score, you will see an option at the bottom of the page faq printthat says ‘PRINT’. By selecting this option, a dialogue box opens automatically which displays the details of your print and also gives you an overview of what the printed results will look like.

Where did this calculation concept arise from?
The concept of initially arose from one proposed by the great Benjamin Franklin in a letter he wrote to Joseph Priestley, where he mentions the method he uses to make his own decisions and also advises others around him to use. This is also known as the Benjamin Franklin Method.

faq decision making

In this method, you may list the pros and cons and rate the importance of each aspect of a problem or dilemma you are facing in written form. This allows you to gather your thoughts together in one view instead of trying to keep them separated with a mental barrier in your head that often allows certain points to get lost or intermix. Writing these down helps to avoid this mental muddling.

By allocating a certain weight to each of the mentioned points in accordance with its importance in any of your relationships, you can subsequently determine which one of them matter the most and which do not play a major role in the process of your decision to carry on with a potential partner.

We have made this process even easier for you by providing you an online platform that has already been filled out for you; you simply need to determine the importance of each of the elements in the relationship between you and your potential partner. After you have entered this data, the website analyzes your entries and determines the percentage of likelihood between the two of you based on the truth of each of the mentioned statements, that have been explained above.

Are these calculations made based on a certified, mathematical formula?
Yes, these calculations are in fact based on a verified mathematical formula that is actually derived from Ben Franklin’s track of thinking and decision making, as explained above.

r = rate; i= important

total = (r1*i1) + (r2*i2) + (r3*i3) + (r4*i4) + (r5*i5) etc.

Final answer = total / (i1+i2+i3+i4+i5 etc.)

Can I use this application with all functionalities on my mobile device?
Yes, indeed you can! This website is available to phone and small gadget users as well as it is for personal computer users. The format of the website is the same on mobile devices as it is on personal computers and is easily accessible. All the functionalities that are provided to users on the desktop version of the site are also provided to users on the mobile version- except for the ‘Print’ function. Apart from that, you can generate and download PDFs of your results, share your results on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and perform all other functions similar to the desktop site on your mobile device.

What if I want to share my results with my friends or my companion?
You can certainly share your results with anyone you wish to share with while your information remains safe and private, by using our GENERATE PDF and PRINT buttons.

What social media platforms is this website connected to?
faq social Couple Count is connected to Facebook and Twitter, and you can share this site on these respective platforms.

How do I find love?
Now, this might be the one question related to our field that we may not be able to answer! But keep looking for someone who shares the same drive, same passion, and same temperament as you, and you will find that falling in love with them becomes so much easier!

Just remember; any time you meet a prospect, will be there to help you figure out whether he or she is the real deal or not!