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What makes a relationship not only work, but last? It comes down to compatibility. At Couple Count, we match you based on compatibility values that are proven to lead you to the boyfriend or girlfriend who is the best match for you. A loving, lasting, committed, genuine relationship is waiting for you.

Check your compatibility score with your potential partner now!

Type your potential partner's name in the space provided. Next to each compatibility value, select "How true" you feel that this dimension describes you and your potential partner (0 being the least true and 10 being the most true). Next, select "How important" you feel that this compatibility value is in your potential relationship (the same 0 to 10 scale applies). When you are done, click "Check" to view your results. For accurate results, make sure you take the test alone and do not share answers until results are generated for both of you.

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What do couples in long-term relationships have in common? Communication. Attraction. Interests. Values. These couple compatibility factors are the hallmarks of committed and lasting relationships.

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The secret to finding an authentic and quality relationship is sharing similar values and priorities. Finally, a boyfriend / girlfriend compatibility test that will help you find your life partner!

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0 = less
10 = more
is it?

0 = less
10 = more
We share basic values
We complement each other
We share interests
Our temperaments are compatible
We relate to each other
We communicate perfectly with each other
We are attracted to each other
We are of similar age
We live close to each other
We are of similar backgrounds



Searching for the one is not always so easy, but finding a perfect match is one of the most exciting and fulfilling times in our lives. Finding a life partner and having true compatibility does not have to be an unattainable dream. takes away the elusiveness of finding lasting love. The more compatible you are with your partner, the more chances you have of making the relationship work over time. This is your life. Don’t waste time hoping to find your perfect match. Test your compatibility and begin enjoying this new chapter.